Most organisations have a vision of what they desire for their future, whether clear and concise or not. The current mission of the organisation or the purpose for its existence is also understood in general terms. The values which management of the organisation manifest in daily decision-making and the norms and principles which define how people interact with each other and customers are also understood, but these are usually vague. The question is, are these unspoken understandings enough to create long-term success?

Management can allow this fundamental framework of norms and principles to develop on their own with individuals acting on and living their own norms and values or you can invest the time to proactively define the organisation’s norms and values to best serve the organisation and its customers. Successful organisations agree upon and articulate their vision, mission or purpose, values and strategies so that all members of the organisation can ‘own’ the achievements of the organisation. Staff loyalty and ‘ownership’ can be created by building a strategic framework which they understand and fully buy into.

We facilitate this one or two to three day strategy sessions for organisations to define a new tailor-made strategic framework which initiates high performance behaviours in individuals and teams. We facilitate the process by asking powerful questions that lead to powerful insights and answers. We challenge ideas and beliefs and make valuable contributions and suggestions.

We have a five step approach when consulting with organisations on strategy:
1. Analysing:
a) Vision
b) Mission/purpose
c) Values and principles
d) Culture
e) Current state – including challenges and results
f) Current strategy
g) Resources
h) Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
i) Environmental scanning: Trends, competition, customer needs etc.
j) Communication

2. Determine the future desired state with the key role players

3. Gap analysis (difference between current and desired states)

4. Goals and objectives

5. Action plan

Outcome of strategy workshop
A complete, clear and concise strategy for the organisation (or team) with specific goals, reduced to 30-day action plans.
Team strategies are always fully aligned to the organisation’s strategy. Individual team members write their own aligned goals and action plans during the workshop.