InspirationalThabo’s public speaking journey began in the early 90’s when he was in high school. Through research and continuous personal development, he is able to come up with content which is relevant and customized to suit his audience. He is passionate about personal and organisational development and he has been invited to speak at different meetings including matric farewell events, youth gatherings, weddings, businesses, and church meetings. 

Inspirational topics

Be an agent of positive change

We were all born to be agents of positive change. Whether it is in your family, community, learning institution or workplace, you can be an agent of positive change. In this message you will learn how you can position yourself to be an agent of positive change. Thabo will show you that:
• You are who it takes to bring a positive change.
• You have what it takes to bring a positive change.
• Bringing a positive change starts with you.
• You must use what you have to bring a positive change.

Make things happen
Newton’s first law of motion states that an object will remain stationery unless an outward unbalanced force is applied on it. This law applies to every aspect of life. Success does not just happen. For things to get better, someone must do something. Whether it is personal development, community development, or building a business, you need to be proactive not reactive.

You have the potential to make things better and in order for that to happen you must:
• Have a vision of what you want.
• Design your plan of action.
• Do whatever it takes.
• Remember that if it is to be, it’s up to you.