The importance of personal development

You are in the world to add value to it. For you to add value to the world, you must be valuable first. Personal development is very crucial to help you make this world a better place. The extent to which you add value is dependent on the level of your personal development. For you to improve things in the world, you must first develop yourself. Without personal development, even the best of talent and opportunity can go to waste.
Personal development is what separates men from boys, professionals from amateurs, greatness from mediocrity, excellence from average. If you want to be an Olympic champion, you must think and act like Olympic champions do. You cannot become an Olympic champion if your daily habits are like those of an amateur.

Personal development is like a thermostat. A thermostat brings the temperature of an environment to the level at which it has been programed. Even if the temperature of the environment can change, a thermostat will eventually bring it back to where it has been programed.

The same is true about personal development. If you are given a top position in a company for which you have not developed yourself to occupy, you will eventually ruin the company unless if you immediately develop yourself. If you acquire a lot of money for which you are not ready to handle, you will eventually lose it unless you start developing yourself. That is why some lottery winners lose their winnings in a few years because they were not prepared to handle millions.

The way you prepare yourself for better and greater things starts with self-development. When your responsibilities grow, you should also grow.

N.B: This article was taken from a book by Thabo Seoka Snr’s book titled: It’s your turn to make a positive impact.


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