Your mission and goals

Everyone who has achieved something truly great will assure you of the importance of setting goals. Without goals you have no target programmed into your mind. Without a clear mission and the firm resolution that you absolutely will get to the destination you have identified, you will almost certainly fail to accomplish anything really significant with your life. This is because you will be unable to easily identify the right actions to take.
Without clear goals, you will be unable to distinguish between action that will take to toward the completion of your mission and other demands which will also be made upon your time.
Your goals are the individual, quantified, measurable steps you must take to get you to where you want to be - to fulfill your mission. So here we have important things to do to achieve real success in life because:

1. Find out what your life purpose or vocation or calling. Then, when you know what it is, you need to work at refining it. You must get it into words and work on it until you have a carefully worded mission statement for yourself. Write it down and display it somewhere you can regularly see it and read it every day.

2. You need to quantify three or four goals (no more than that) each of which represent a step towards the accomplishment of your mission. Write them down and also display them somewhere you can regularly review them. When you are absolutely positive that you know exactly what you want to achieve, you will begin to notice all kinds of apparent co-incidences starting to happen in your life. There is nothing mystical about this, but you will begin to see opportunity where you would otherwise have missed it.

3. Work on your goals every day. Having goals without doing anything about them will not bring you success. Goals will not achieve themselves. You have to take actions everyday which will help you fulfill your mission.


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