How to maximize your time

Time is one of the most precious commodities that mankind has at his disposal. Unlike money, time is one commodity that can never be saved for future use and you can also never borrow someone's time. This means that everyone has to manage his or her time efficiently in order to be effective in this rapidly changing world. Managing your time is actually about taking control of your life and not being controlled by time. When time controls you, you find yourself anxious about a lot of unfinished business, regretting that you cannot cope with the work at hand and cannot keep pace.

The following are a few ways to help you gain control of your time:
1. Know what is important what is not important. Assign priorities to all the things that you have to do. Start with those things that are important, so that if you fail to accomplish it all, you have at least covered what is most important.
2. Learn to draw up a schedule. Just take your time to plan and make a list of things you wish to do for the day. It is easier to accomplish what you have put down on paper.
3. Learn to control interruptions and do not get swayed into things that did not form part of your plan. Sometime it may be your friends who suggest that you go somewhere you never planned to, or a friend may plan a visit while you planned to catch up with a particular task.
4. Use waiting time effectively. Sometimes you wait for a bus or a taxi, or you wait in a bank and so forth. Use that time effectively by reading a book, listening to a personal development material etc.
5. Take care of yourself. This means, do not over-commit yourself. You need to have time to rest and be at leisure. Managing time does not mean we must always be at work, but taking time to rest and just chill. Remember that all work and no play makes jack a dull boy!

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