Time is one of the most precious commodities that mankind has at his disposal. Unlike money, time is one commodity that can never be saved for future use and you can also never borrow someone's time. This means that everyone has to manage his or her time efficiently in order to be effective in this rapidly changing world. Managing your time is actually about taking control of your life and not being controlled by time. When time controls you, you find yourself anxious about a lot of unfinished business, regretting that you cannot cope with the work at hand and cannot keep pace.

You are in the world to add value to it. For you to add value to the world, you must be valuable first. Personal development is very crucial to help you make this world a better place. The extent to which you add value is dependent on the level of your personal development. For you to improve things in the world, you must first develop yourself. Without personal development, even the best of talent and opportunity can go to waste.
Personal development is what separates men from boys, professionals from amateurs, greatness from mediocrity, excellence from average. If you want to be an Olympic champion, you must think and act like Olympic champions do. You cannot become an Olympic champion if your daily habits are like those of an amateur.

Everyone who has achieved something truly great will assure you of the importance of setting goals. Without goals you have no target programmed into your mind. Without a clear mission and the firm resolution that you absolutely will get to the destination you have identified, you will almost certainly fail to accomplish anything really significant with your life. This is because you will be unable to easily identify the right actions to take.
Without clear goals, you will be unable to distinguish between action that will take to toward the completion of your mission and other demands which will also be made upon your time.
Your goals are the individual, quantified, measurable steps you must take to get you to where you want to be - to fulfill your mission. So here we have important things to do to achieve real success in life because: