Thabo Seoka Snr

Thabo is an optometrist, entrepreneur, a certified life coach, a strategist, facilitator, an inspirational speaker, and an author of a personal development book titled “It’s your turn to make a positive impact". He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Optometry from University of the North (now called University of Limpopo) and a National Diploma in Entrepreneurship from UNISA (University of South Africa). He owns two Optometric practices in Lesotho and he is also the founder and director of Seoka Inspiration Agents, a personal and organisational development company whose mission is to inspire individuals and organizations to move from good to great in their fields through coaching, mentoring, workshop facilitation, training, inspirational speaking, and production of researched, relevant, and recent world-class personal and organizational development material in African and global markets.


The establishment of Seoka Inspiration Agents was inspired by Thabo’s passion for personal and organizational development. He firmly believes that the development of any organization is directly proportional to the development of the individuals who form that organization.


Thabo’s life journey is another testimony that true dreams do come true. He was born in Morwatshehla village in Bolobedu, Limpopo. His family relocated to Rasodi village when he was still young and finally settled at Shotong village where he grew up. He started his primary education at Shotong Primary School and then moved on to Maolwe Senior Secondary School where he matriculated. He had a dream of obtaining a degree but was faced with the reality that his parents would not afford to pay for his tertiary education. Both his parents did not have formal education but they have always been pillars of encouragement and support to their children’s education.


His father worked as a labourer and was the main breadwinner while his mother took care of their five sons and she occasionally did some informal businesses. However, his family condition did not stop him from dreaming big and aiming high. He believed that no condition is permanent and that through hard work and right focus any condition can change. He therefore decided that he would work hard on his studies so that he could attract financial sponsorship to help him achieve his dream.


There were challenges along the way such as lack of learning facilities like a library. The science laboratory which was there had expired chemicals which were not safe to use to do experiments. However, he was determined to produce great results under the circumstances to. His hard work paid off when he passed matric with an exemption and was awarded a financial sponsorship which paid for his tertiary education. 


Upon completion of his degree, he was employed as an optometrist and practice manager for six years before opening his own optometric practice in Maputsoe, Lesotho. He later opened another branch in Botha Bothe, also in Lesotho and he is still operating both.

During these years in business both as an employee and an owner he gained experience in areas such as:
• Relationship building with employees, clients and suppliers;
• Dealing with difficult clients;
• Business management;
• Working under pressure;
• Problem solving skills;
• Creative thinking;
• Negotiation skills.

interest in public speaking and writing began after he started to embark in his own personal development journey while still in high school.

His interest in public speaking and writing began after he started to embark in his own personal development journey while still in high school. Because of reading personal development books and listening to motivational speakers and preachers, his life and the way of speaking changed. People around him noticed this change and they started to ask him to share his knowledge with them. This resulted in him been asked by different people to write articles they could use to inspire their followers and friends. He has since been invited to speak at different meetings including matric farewell events, youth gatherings, weddings, businesses, churches meetings and radio interviews. The response has always been great and it inspired him to consider speaking and writing professionally.

He therefore decided to sharpen his skills and knowledge by:

• Studying towards and obtaining a National Diploma in Entrepreneurship from UNISA;

• Attending a Speaker, Coach And Mentoring Program (SCAMP) offered by Hector Motivator (The Motivation Company);

• Training as a life coach by Elsabe Manning (Success Factory);

• Training as a facilitator by Elsabe Manning (Success Factory).

Thabo continues to develop himself daily so that he will remain relevant to the changing world.