Seoka Inspiration Agents was founded in 2016 by Thabo Seoka Snr. Its establishment was inspired by his passion for personal and organizational development. He firmly believes that the development of any organization is directly proportional to the development of the individuals who form that organization. We offer services and tools which are aimed at helping individuals and organisations to move from good to great.

We specialise in:
Emotional intelligence (EQ)
Professionalism in the workplace
Strategic planning
Life Coaching and mentoring
Inspirational speaking
Leadership management

We aspire to be the best agent of inspiration which promotes an attitude of greatness in individuals and organizations.

To inspire individuals and organizations to move from good to great in their fields through coaching, mentoring, workshop facilitation, training, inspirational speaking, and production of researched, relevant, and recent world-class personal and organizational development material in African and global markets.

1. Integrity
2. Accountability
3. Excellence
4. Creativity
5. Personal development